Destination Cyprus

Aliant Law’s commercial and creative law teams help filmmakers, production companies, and creative businesses make their vision a reality. Our global team of cross-functional attorneys – corporate and transactional, dispute resolution, regulatory, and business counsel – can help with every stage of pre-production and post-production, including:

– Assistance and advise on the project management.
– Drafting of Operating, Rights Purchase, Option and Writer Agreements
– Drafting Agreements for crew accommodation, equipment rental, etc.
– Drafting of Marketing, Promotion, Distribution (for wide, limited, digital and streaming releases) Agreements.
– Incorporation and Management of the Production Company
– Drafting, filing, and monitoring the progress of the application to the Cyprus Film Committee
– Legal counselling and reducing risk of litigation.

Click here to learn more about new governmental programs and incentives Cyprus has put in place to help create opportunity for creative businesses.


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