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Our team provides the financial sector with a variety of legal services. We assist local and foreign banks and financial institutions with business transactions, regulatory compliance, fiduciary obligations, straightforward bank lending, and a variety of financing areas.

Our lawyers offer legal guidance and counsel for corporate mergers as well as organizational and ownership concerns regarding banks, holding companies and other regulated entities. We represent both lenders and borrowers, providing our clients with the best legal representation in negotiations, documentation, compliance, and—if necessary—litigation.

Ways our banking and finance lawyers and professional advisors can assist you:

  • Due diligence investigations to verify accuracy of information exchanged between parties
  • Negotiations with opposite parties and documentation on deal term agreements
  • Structure financing models to ensure compliance with all relevant laws
  • Restructuring and exit financing
  • Analyse plans based on current and projected market conditions
  • Compliance counselling
  • Acquisitions, investments, strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Bank regulatory examinations and compliance
  • Legal representation and defence in legal proceedings
  • Implementation and evaluation of bank marketing, cross-selling and similar initiatives
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